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Page updated 1 December 2022

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Rather than users of the program, this chapter is aimed at what we term "Developers". By this we mean those who wish to assist the main development team in two tasks. The first is improving the look of nPOPuk and the second making nPOPuk easier for the novice user to install.

If you have graphic design skills and can offer further sets of icons and toolbars then we'd like to be offered submissions. The Icons and Toolbars page in this chapter, should provide enough information for you to create a set that can be installed by any user.

Novice users can have difficulty figuring out what to type in each of the boxes of the Account Settings dialogue. A Setup File can ease their task, leaving them to enter as little as their own name, username and password. We would welcome submissions of suitable Setup Files for common ISPs and mail service providers in various countries around the world.

If you have programming skills that go beyond those required to figure out the commands necessary for a Windows .INS file, then it is highly likely that you'd be welcomed into the main development team.

Please contact the existing team via a post on the Support Forum if you can provide suitable files for the functions outlined above or if you wish to ask for further information about joining the main team of Developers.

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