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Page updated 1 December 2022

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The Resource Folder

nPOPuk allows the user to supply custom toolbar bitmaps and icons. Simply placing appropriate files in the Resource folder will cause nPOPuk to load them in place of the native built-in bitmaps and icons.

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There are three toolbars in the program; one each for the Main window, the Edit window, and the View window. In each case, the toolbar contains more buttons than are visible at one time; for example, the toolbar for the edit window also contains buttons for the Sent Mail window, and the program hides the buttons that are not appropriate. The toolbar buttons may be of any size (16x16, 24x24, and 32x32 are common choices), but the bitmap must contain the correct number of buttons, or else the program will reject the bitmap and use the compiled-in version. You may replace any or all of the toolbars independently (you could even choose to have different size buttons for each toolbar).

Toolbar Filename Number of buttons
Main tbar_main.bmp 21
Edit tbar_edit.bmp 9
View tbar_view.bmp 14

The buttons on the Main toolbar will have the following meanings (nPOPuk doesn't try to make sense of your image - it  uses the first one for "Check Account" and so on...):

Check Account - Check All - Update - Update All - Stop - New Message - Reply - Reply to All - Forward - Mark to Download - Mark to Send - Mark to Delete - Delete from List - Mark Read - Mark Unread - Flag for Follow-up - Find - Find Next - Address Book - Dial-up Connect - Dial-up Disconnect.

The buttons on the Edit toolbar have these meanings:

Send Now - Mark to Send - Save to Outbox - Previous (sent) Message - Next (sent) Message - Create Copy - Property - Find - Find Next.

NOTE: The first three (Send Now, Mark to Send and Save to Outbox) are used when composing a message and are hidden when showing a sent message. Conversely, the next three (Previous Message, Next Message and Create Copy) are used when showing a sent message but hidden when composing a message.

The buttons on the View toolbar have these meanings:

Previous Message - Next Message - Next Unread Message - Reply - Reply to All - Forward - Mark to Download - Mark to Delete - Delete from List - Mark Read/Unread (toggle) - Flag for Follow-up - Find - Find Next - Unused.

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The support for custom icon files is a little less general: the icon must be 16x16 pixels. (Icon files may contain multiple resolutions, but the program will only load a 16x16 resolution.) The color depth is restricted only by the color depth of your display (or possibly the operating system, for older versions of Windows). The names of the 23 icon files and their uses are listed in the table below; note that icon_main.ico has multiple uses. You need not supply replacements for all the icons; if a particular file is missing, or does not contain a 16x16-pixel icon, the program will use the compiled-in icon for that purpose.

Filename Purpose
icon_chk.ico System tray icon when communicating with the server
ico_nchk.ico System tray icon when not communicating
ico_main.ico Unread message (also used in the system tray when new mail has been received)
ico_read.ico Read message
ico_down.ico Message marked for downloading
icon_del.ico Message marked for deletion
ico_flag.ico Message flagged for follow-up
ico_send.ico Message marked for sending
ico_sent.ico Sent message
ico_none.ico Outbox message, not sent and not marked for sending
icon_err.ico Message with error, usually a problem downloading or sending
icon_new.ico Overlay icon indicating a new message
ico_repl.ico Overlay icon indicating message was replied to
icon_fwd.ico Overlay icon indicating message was forwarded
ico_refw.ico Overlay icon indicating message was forwarded and replied to
ico_high.ico Message with high priority
icon_low.ico Message with low priority
ico_html.ico Message with html part (and normal priority)
ico_h_hi.ico Message with html part and high priority
ico_h_lo.ico Message with html part and low priority
icon_cli.ico Message with attachment (and normal priority)
ico_clhi.ico Message with attachment and high priority
ico_cllo.ico Message with attachment and low priority

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