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Page updated 1 December 2022

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The Initialise dialogue is accessed from the Mailbox Menu.

To avoid having to download all mail on the server every time it connects, when checking an account nPOPuk keeps a record of the number of messages at the server and the Message id of the last message it retrieved. It can then save time by downloading only "new" mail. However, in the following circumstances:

the "View/Server" values on the Status Line of the Main Window may show unexpected discrepancies! The Initialise dialogue enables any discrepancies to be rectified.

The Main Window Initialise cascading Menu

Download new mail only
Adds newly received mail at the server to existing items in the mail list.

NOTE: This is the active setting on opening the dialogue or after the server is next checked.

Clears the existing mail list and starts downloading again from the selected item number.
Fill in:
Keeps the existing mail list and downloads and inserts into the list any missing items.
(If you have an account with a high volume of traffic and a slow connection, selecting this option will probably be quicker than the Initialize choice.)
Fix message numbers
If you cannot account for discrepancies between View/Server values on the status line, or you suspect that new mail is not being collected by nPOPuk, it is likely that that mail is being reordered on the server. Use this option to reconcile nPOPuk with the server.
Empty mailbox on server
CAUTION: As its name suggests, this option deletes all mail from the server for the selected account. A warning dialogue will appear requiring confirmation before this option is actioned. This option was added to assist those who wish to clear accounts of suspect or corrupt mail and should not be needed for regular use.
The lower "Account Details" part of the dialogue reports the number of messages held on the server when last checked and the their total size, important information if you use an account which charges for holding more than a set volume of mail on the server.

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