Page updated 1 December 2022

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Mailboxes are of two types, Accounts and Saveboxes. It is important that users understand their different functions:

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Add Mailbox dialogue

After the initial account has been created on installation, to add a further Mailbox open the MAILBOX menu, on the Main Window and choose ADD. This opens the "Add mailbox" dialogue where you can specify whether it is to be a new account created from scratch or from a Setup file or either a new or imported Savebox.

See the Accounts and Saveboxes pages for further information.

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Once additional Mailboxes have been established, to change the settings of any of them, it must be selected from the Mailbox Pane, before opening the MAILBOX menu and selecting the EDIT option.

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A Mailbox, and all its contents, can be deleted either from the Mailbox menu on the Main Window. Single or multiple accounts may be deleted via the Mailboxes Summary Dialogue.

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