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Page updated 1 December 2022

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The Reply and Forward Headers and the nPOPuk.ini ViewFileHeader= setting may include both text and the following "place holders" for the predefined strings shown here:

%f = Contents of the From: header line
%t = Contents of the To: header line
%c = Contents of the Cc: header line.
%b = Contents of the Bcc header line.
%s = Contents of the Subject: header line
%d = The Date as formatted on the Other Tab, e.g. "20/10/2007"
%D = Contents of the Date: header line (e.g. "Fri 20 Oct 2006 08:40 EDT")
%i = Contents of the Message ID header line.
%a = The list of files to be attached to outgoing messages (including any included as part of forwarding a message).

Only the %d and %D codes above are case sensitive.

In order to avoid showing a blank where the contents of the placeholder are null, the placeholder may be "wrapped" in braces, e.g. {Cc: %c}.  Providing the placeholder is null, any additional text contained in the braces will also be hidden. If the codes are on separate lines, the closing brace will normally need to appear at the start of a new line in order to include the otherwise unneeded carriage return that will need to be hidden. (See the default entry for the Forward tab!) To obtain a brace or percent sign in the text between braces prefix the symbol with the percent sign, e.g. %{, %} or %%.

The the Cc header line is frequently absent and the Bcc header line is extremely rare. It is recommended that these place holders, if used, are enclosed in braces, as described in the notes above.

In addition, the nPOPuk.ini ViewFileHeader= setting may include these codes:

\n = New Line
\t = Tab

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