Recipients Dialogue

Page updated 1 December 2022

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The Recipients dialogue is accessed via the button on the Mail Property dialogue.

The Carbon Copy Dialogue

The top line of the dialogue is used to enter one or more addresses.
NOTE: The techniques that can be used in the To: field of the Property dialogue to find and select one or more addresses may also be used here.

Once  in the top line, the type of recipient for all addresses can be selected using the To, Cc or Bcc buttons, when the address become transferred to the main part of the dialogue.

If one or more addresses in the main part of the dialogue are selected their recipient type may be changed by selecting the To, Cc or Bcc buttons.

To remove an address added in error, select the incorrect address in the main part of the dialogue and click the DELETE button.

Repeat, adding as many addresses as required, before completing the process by clicking the OK button.

The CANCEL button aborts the process, closes the dialogue and returns to the Mail Property dialogue.

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