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Add Mailbox dialogue

To add a new Savebox open the MAILBOX menu, in the Main Window and choose ADD. This opens the "Add mailbox" dialogue where you can select the appropriate option and enter the name for the Savebox in the field that then becomes active. Click the OK button and the new Savebox appears immediately in the Mailbox Pane.

TIP: If you wish to create an indented appearance for Saveboxes related to Accounts appearing above them in the list, then you could use a prefix, such as "-- " as seen in the image on the home page. You could also use characters such as: • (ALT+7), ► (ALT+16), » (ALT+175),└ (ALT+192) and ├ (ALT+195). These are obtained by holding the ALT key while tapping out the appropriate number on the numeric keypad.

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Mail can be imported, in bulk, to a new Savebox. There is a choice of three possible sources, nPOP and nPOPuk (*.dat) files, MBOX (*.mbx) files, and individual messages in *.eml format.

Import Savebox dialogue

Select "Import Savebox" and click the OK button. A standard "Open" dialogue will appear.

NOTE: (The file type field shows .MBX by default, but may be changed to show .DAT, or .EML files) Navigate to the required folder and select the required file. Click the "Open". button to complete the file selection and open the "Import Savebox" dialogue.

The fields on the Import Savebox dialogue will already be populated but may be edited, if desired, to control how the selected file is imported.

File to import:
This field shows the path and file name of the file selected for import.
Copy to nPOPuk directory as:
By default, this will echo the file name from the field above. Change it if it will conflict with an existing file in your nPOPuk installation.
Savebox name:
By default, this field will take its content from the file name. If wanted, or necessary, change it to something that does not conflict with existing Saveboxes.
If status unknown mark messages as:
When importing files other than nPOPuk's .DAT format, information on message status may not be available. This option provides choices for the "Read" and "Fully downloaded" flags.

Complete the import by clicking the "Import" button.

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Edit Savebox dialogue

Three options control how a Savebox is displayed, stored and linked to an account.

The name of the Savebox, as it appears in the Mailbox Pane.
This box allows one to specify the filename nPOPuk will use for the Savebox. Initially, the field is empty and nPOPuk will use a filename of the form MailBox#.dat, where # corresponds to the number of the mailbox.
Default account:
This drop-down list allows you to specify the account that should be used when composing a new message from the Savebox. Replies and forwards of a message will use the account into which the message was received.

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