Writing Mail

Page updated 1 December 2022

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Sent Mail Window

Once mail is marked as sent in the main window, it can no longer be opened in a Mail Edit window. Instead it opens in a revised version, the Sent Mail window. The change is indicated on the Title Bar.

The main difference between the two windows is that mail cannot be edited in the Sent Mail window and both the FILE and EDIT menus reflect this.

Sent Mail Window - File Menu

The FILE menu shows two message navigation options and one to create a new message based on the sent item currently open. The first three buttons on the toolbar match these changed menu options.

Sent Mail - Edit Menu

On the EDIT menu those options that allow editing are disabled, leaving just those that control display active.

KNOWN ISSUE: The option to open mail in an external editor is provided to allow sent mail to be printed. If you never use an external editor for writing mail, it is recommended that you define an editor in the nPOPuk.ini file which has a command line switch that sets files to be opened in "read only" mode and use the nPOPuk.ini setting to set that switch. Without this it is possible to edit message text before printing, although any changes made are discarded and not incorporated into the saved sent message.

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