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Page updated 1 December 2022

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Setup files can provide a simple way for users who are not used to configuring a mail program to add new accounts. They can be used both on the first launch or later when a new account needs to be added to the installation.

On first launch, as the Main Window, a Welcome dialogue appears. This includes an option, set on by default, to use a Setup file to help fill in the necessary details for setting up nPOPuk to connect to an email account.

The Welcome Dialogue

Add Mailbox dialogue

In later use, when adding further accounts (Menu: MAILBOX > ADD...), the "Add mailbox" dialogue will appear. This too offers an option to use a Setup file, set off by default.

With the Setup file option set on on either of these dialogues, clicking the "OK" button will open a standard Open Dialogue, to allow you to browse for and select the Setup (Install) file to be used.

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Open INS file dialogue

Mail Template Prompt

Once the .ins file is selected and opened a series of prompts will appear.

NOTE: The exact prompts depend on the mail service to which you are connecting and appear within the field. Take care to read them before you start to type, as they disappear as you make your entry.

Typical prompts include:

Your Name:
Enter your name as you would wish it to appear on your outgoing mail. Use Initial capital letters and spaces between your forename and family name.
The name used to login to your mail account. For web-based mail services, such as Hotmail, GMail and Yahoo, this will be the part of the email address that appears before the "@" symbol. For other accounts, particularly those associated with ISPs, you should refer to their documentation.
Email Address:
Enter your full email address.
The Set Account Dialogue - Connection TabPassword:
Setup file Password Prompt
Enter the password required to access your email account. The password dialogue is the only Setup file dialogue to include a specific prompt. Your password will be cloaked with asterisks as you type.

Once you have completed the various prompts, the Account Settings dialogue will appear with the necessary entries made to enable you to collect and send mail. By default, connection is set to LAN. This setting should work for most modern network connections, whether wired (using Cat5 Ethernet cable from a DSL or cable modem) or wireless (WiFi).

If you use a dial-up modem to connect to your ISP, you should select the "Dial-up" radio button on the Connection tab of the dialogue. The remainder of the page then becomes active and you can select the connection required from the drop-down list and enter the username and password required for that connection.

Having completed all prompts and confirmed the Connection tab shows the correct option, you can click the "OK" button on the Account Settings dialogue and complete initial configuration. As you do so an nPOPuk.ini file is created (if not already in existence) or updated.

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